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Medium Summerhouse Garden Pod with Single Door
Large Oval House Garden Pod on Hardstanding Deck
Summerhouse Garden Pod with Magnolia Tree


The Deluxe Garden Pod with Slide Up and Down Door


Our garden pods are designed to bring a unique and stylish touch to your outdoor space, with endless possibilities for creative and practical uses. Imagine a cozy hideaway for two, a dedicated garden office pod for productive work-from-home days, or a creative studio for your artistic passions. They can transform into a home gym, a serene yoga retreat, a vibrant garden art studio, a playful children’s playroom, a cool teen music studio, or a spacious garden pavilion for unforgettable events. Whatever your dream, our Garden Pods and Pavilions offer a versatile solution to elevate your outdoor lifestyle and keep your life balanced and fun.

Oval House Pods

Our Oval House Pod Range takes the garden dome pod concept to a whole new level with its sleek, futuristic design that blends seamlessly into nature. Imagine lounging inside, surrounded by panoramic windows that offer a stunning 360° view. Enjoy the abundant natural light flooding in, while staying cozy and protected from the weather. Whether you're soaking in the scenery, working on a creative project, or simply relaxing, this Ornate Garden Pod celebrates the beauty of the great outdoors in the most luxurious and stylish way.

Oval House Garden Pod with Sliding Door
Rotating Lounger Garden Sphere Pod on Hardstanding Base

Rotating Pods

Our Rotating Pods are the ultimate in outdoor versatility and head-turning coolness! Imagine being able to spin your pod a full 360° to catch the perfect sunbeam, find a cool spot of shade, or shield yourself from a gusty breeze. Hosting a garden party? Simply rotate to keep the conversation going smoothly. Want a quiet moment with a book? Turn to your favourite view. With just a gentle push, you and your guests can always be in the ideal spot, no matter the weather or time of day.